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How to uncheck me in an Instagram comment

On Instagram, you can remove a comment you made or a comment that someone else made on a photo you posted. If someone mentions your user in the comment, you will not be able to remove it – you will have to ask the person himself to remove it, or you will have to block it. If you are tagged in a public photo of someone, or follow that person, you will be notified and can prevent the photo from being displayed on your profile, or uncheck it. However, if someone you don’t follow tags you in a photo and shares it in private, you will not be notified and will not be able to unmark yourself buy ig comments.

Open the Instagram app. Press “New notifications” to open the window of the most recent updates and find out if someone commented on one of your photos, tagged you in a comment or photo.

Press and hold the user name and select “Go to user”. Send a message to the user asking them to remove you from a comment. Touch “Menu” and choose “Block” to prevent the user from marking your name on any comment or photo in the future.

Press the “Comment” button below the photo, select the comment you want to delete and choose “Delete” to delete it.


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